Why Are We Here?

Troops prepare for parachute drop

Sometimes we get asked the question asked about relevancy.  Are we relevant today?

During World War II, just about every man served and became a veteran. There were 150,000 women serving in the Women’s Army Corps alone and many others in the Navy.  All are veterans.

In Vietnam there were 2.6 million who served. Many were drafted and that meant that just about every family had one or more veterans in it. Not so today. Some do not even understand what a veteran is or what he or she endured to ensure Old Glory waves above our schools, government buildings, posts and homes.

Today, there are only 1% of American citizens who have and are stepping forward to serve their country today. When they return home there will be fewer and fewer veterans living in most communities. Who will speak for them?

They are asked to deploy, redeploy, and redeploy again.  It’s tough duty.  They serve without hesitation, knowing that their country  needs them and that their family will be taken care of should they fail to return.

They know that their government trained them and along the way promised to provide for them when they hung up their uniform and returned to their home and community. Those promises keep them going. They are assuring and comforting. But, who will be there to defend their veterans rights? We will!

These young men and women are coming home from combat duty in Iraqi, Afghanistan, and other hot spots.  Who will be here to stand up for them and ensure that they have access to healthcare in the VA system?  Who will be there to ensure they receive the veterans benefits and education that they were promised?  We will!

The Veterans of Foreign Wars and its 1.6 million members will be there to help right any wrongs and to help them gain what they deserve. That is why we are very relevant. We have been there and we have fought for veterans benefits, rights, and care. That’s why we, the Veterans of Foreign Wars scattered in 170+ posts in North Carolina and thousands of posts around the world, are relevant today. We stand together as one.  We are strong, united, and committed.  We will continue to defend veterans rights.

This short video says it best. If you are ready to join the fight on the home front for veterans and those who serve today. Join us! Be part of the VFW!   Sign up now!


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