VA Fully Developed Claims

You have heard the stories, and they are many, about VA claims taking forever.  There are many reasons, but a primary reason is that claims are filed with incomplete information.  Some make a statement of effect on the veteran, but don’t support the claim with factual  information.

Other claims may not contain required supporting information about service status, dates of service, dependency and more.

The VA has been working on a solution and came up with what is known as a “fully developed claim.”  Fully developed claims contain supporting documents, proof of honorable service and locations served, doctor’s reports of examinations and tests, and marital/dependency information.  How does this help?  When a veteran’s claim contains the information that the VA needs to review, classify, and determine level of compensation, as required by law, they can decide a claim faster.  Fully developed claims can often be reviewed based solely on the information provided.  Claims can be handled in months, not years.

It makes sense to provide the VA with what it needs when the initial claim is made.

Take a look at the process and see how it works.  The VA has information on the whole process on-line and ready for you to build your claim for yourself or to assist a veteran.  Learn more

Don’t forget that the Veterans of Foreign Wars North Carolina Veterans Service Officer is ready to assist you in the final review and submission.  For help, call (336) 631-5457

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