Mental Health Care

The VA issued a directive earlier this year that deals with presumptive eligibility for Psychosis and other mental illness.

This directive presumes OEF/OIF Veterans who develop a mental health illness within two years of discharge or release from active duty  as “service connected” for purpose of VA medical benefits.   This means that  healthcare, medications, etc. are cost-free.  It also provides care for any condition that may be related to the mental health illness, examples such as substance abuse, gastric ulcer, etc.

Veterans who qualify for this presumption do not have to be enrolled in VA health care, to receive treatment for their psychosis and/or mental health illness other than psychosis or for conditions determined by the Veteran’s VA provider to be associated with the Veteran’s mental illness (see 38 CFR 17.37(k)). For instance, the Veteran’s gastric ulcer or substance abuse disorder that is determined by the Veteran’s provider to be associated with the Veteran’s mental illness would be included in the treatment authorized under this Directive

For details, view VHA Directive 1029 (Dated June 19, 2013) “Presumptive Eligibility for Psychosis and other Mental Illness” significantly impacts our OTH OEF/OIF/OND population.

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