WordPress Post Training

WordPress is the software used by myvfw.org to build and support the state, district and post website.  It is built to operate much like the popular email systems.

We suggest that you use your post’s website as your main news service for the post.  This drives your members to your post website for post news, photos, and activities.

Email is outwardly focused.  You write about something and send it to a restricted list.  Your address list may or may not be current.  The story ends with the email.

News media is always in search of news

Your website gives you a powerful news blog.  You use the same content you would use in an email, but you write it for long term viewing by not only your post members, but by local media, citizens, and others.  It becomes your local on-line library for all things about veterans, patriotic events, and memorials.  People searching for information about Veterans Day find your site by searching for information about local activities.

Our many post websites are drawing a lot of viewers!  A recent example is a story from Calabash that went viral!  A Vietnam vet attended an event and at about the same time a Vietnamese soldier, long thought killed in action, was thinking about his former comrade in arms.  The two men linked up after more than 40 years and the story was shared and retold by many.

Local newspapers, radio stations, and television networks are also finding our stories and asking to do interviews or to film/record our patriotic events.  None of this would be possible if the posts had not claimed their North Carolina myvfw.org website.

Are you looking for information on building and using your post’s website?  You can download it here.  MyVFW.org Website Editors Guide – NC Version-Redacted

Passwords for post or district access are available from your district commander or the NC Blogmaster.

Have questions on how to get started?  Contact your state Blogmaster for help.

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