How many times have you wanted to get post members or officers together for a meeting, but no time was convenient or the weather was bad? Why not do a conference call? You can then have each member call a special telephone number, enter their access code, and then join an on-line conference or meeting by telephone? Too expensive a solution? How about no-cost!

Snow weatherConference calls can be made to include a shut-in in on an important meeting. Weather bad? Stay off the road and use a conference call for your meeting. You can hold a district officer’s meeting or conference with post commanders, adjutants, or quartermasters. How about Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, or other programĀ  status report meetings between the chairman and posts? The options are plentiful.

There are many ways to make a conference call and some are pretty complicated and “too complex” for some members. However, everyone can dial a telephone number and say, “Hello?” The second obstacle to success is always “Who will set it up?” There is nothing to setup. Use your home land-line (if you still have one), wireless, cellphone or smartphone to make your call.

Cost has been a major concern for most posts. Subscription service can be pricey. This writer recommends you consider It works and it is free. (They make their money by offering (not requiring) upgrades to service. Participants pay their normal long distance call fees, if applicable. Use your post adjutant’s official vfwwebmail address to open an account that can be transferred on to newly elected members.

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There are other opportunities for your post to enhance local and internet communications. See also: Website Toolbox and Website Training for Posts and other items under Tools at


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