On-Line Reporting System

Our national and department programs are the core to our existence.  We are here to serve others.  It is our way of giving back to others and how we strengthen our organization.

We track how well departments, districts, and posts support our programs by reviewing their reports on activities completed.  Posts hold or host an event and then report it to their district.  All submitted reports are combined for districts and state.  The results are reported back to national.  We also use reports to determine those districts and posts who have earned the title, All State Team post.

Posts are encouraged to have their program chairmen and women submit a report on their activities as they occur.  Just give them access to your post’s reports and show them how to enter a report.  You can also download a copy of the training material for submitting post reports on line.  Download NC VFW Program Reporting-redacted

The training materials do not contain passwords.  They were provided to post and district commanders at the 2012 Convention.  If you have lost your password, please contact your district commander or the NC State blogmaster.

Quicklink to VFW NC On-line Reports

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