Alo EasyMail Newsletters

Newsletters within the system is different from creating a local post newsletter and posting it.  How?  The system has an internal newsletter model that creates newsletters to be viewed by subscribers.  Subscribers get the VFW Post newsletter as an email.   The post’s website acts as a publisher of an email newsletter.  This is a pretty powerful tool.

When someone visits your website and “subscribes” to your newsletter, they are entered into an email database on your site that includes all subscribers.  Only subscribers get to see the newsletters you create.

Now that you are partially confused, let me confuse you more.  Creating a website newsletter does not get published to your site automatically.  You have to do it.

Let me give you an example of a frustrated post blogmaster’s experience.

  1. The post created a newsletter and he wanted to put it on the post’s website.
  2. He looked at the dashboard and found Newsletters, when there and created a newsletter page.
  3. He then uploaded the post’s newsletter from another site as an image.  The image was added to his newly created newsletter.
  4. The new newsletter page was published and when he went to his site to see it, it was not there.

Here is what happened.  He created a newsletter within  The system  created his “newsletter” (which contained only a hyperlink) and saved it.   It then expected him to publish it to the subscribers.  When published, it would have went to 48 people at his post who are on the subscribers list.

Here is how the Alo EasyMail Newsletter feature works.

  1. You create a newsletter and then publish it from within your post’s website.  (Create the item, type in the text and add images.)
  2. The published newsletter goes out to all post subscribers, but only if you complete the action by releasing the completed newsletter as an email.
  3. This action does not put the newsletter in your web site.  You can, however, post a link to it on the site’s Newsletter page.  See an example on the state website.
Here is a video on the process. Sorry, there is no sound to the demo. To see a larger image, click on the icon in the screen to view at
Watch for subtopics to this subject soon. Well explain more separately.


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