Adding a New Post (Story)

Where do I click?

You may be wondering what a New Post is actually.  Worse yet, “What’s a New Page?”  We will leave the latter for later and help you understand better the term Post.

A post is much like an email announcement.  You have hot news that you want your post to read.  If it is of broader interest, why not the whole state or district?

In an email you (1) create the text, (2) attach a file or add pictures, (3) add an email address for each intended recipient.  You then send it out and watch a number of them come back as undeliverable.  You also have to keep your email list up to date.

A post is the same process, only you only have one essential step–create the text.  You make your announcement and click the Publish button.

Okay, I can visualize the dazed look you have right about now.  “What is he talking about?”  You need someone right there with you to walk you through it on your computer.  We can’t rush right over, but we can give you an video to watch, and it is below.  So, sit back and watch.  When you are done, go to bottom of the video and follow the instructions for logging on to your site.


Logging on to your post’s website:

  1. Open your browser and insert your Post website address.  All are the same model for North Carolina.   Just replace the XXXX with your post number.   Use:
  2. When the site is up, click on LOGIN under META at the bottom of your screen (scroll down, if needed).
  3. Your user name is PostXXXX.  Again, just replace the XXXX with your post number.
  4. Your post user password was provided to you by your district commander.  Forgot it?  Contact the blogmaster.
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