Website Training for Posts

It's not magic!

Not every post has a guru Jedi webmaster ready to take on the responsibilities of taking ownership of your post’s state-provided site.  So, what are you to do?

First, remember that help is available to you and your post by email, phone, or at a Council of Administration event.  Second, remember that no one expects you to be an expert.  That’s why the system we use is built using WordPress.

Second, we realize that attending a training session, regardless of model, often leaves you with more questions than answers.

We will try to assist your post by providing on-line demonstrations on how our state website is setup, organized, and accessed.  We will also provide you with demonstrations on the different types of software that you can use to put together news stories, slide-shows, event photos, collages, and the like.

There are a number of video demonstrations coming soon to this page.  We’ll start slow and add them as we respond to requests for help from our posts.  If it is a hot topic, it will appear here.

Under Website Toolbox you will find an assortment of free software suites that will make your website come alive.

Our first video demonstration is a presentation on capturing pictures for your site.

  • If you can see a picture on your PC screen (like a picture emailed to you), you can capture all or part of it, put a frame around it and post it on your site.  An example would be capturing a picture of the post commander by cropping and copying their head and shoulders from an event photo.  Event photos are great sources of fun, lively, and entertaining snapshots.
  • The demonstrated software, MWSnap.exe, is a no-cost software alternative to SnapIt and SnagIt.  Download MWSnap
Contact the Blogmaster and offer suggestions or request help.  Email Blogmaster
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