When I try to get to my website or the state site, I get a news feed for Yanceyville or other post, not mine.

The problem is with your browser’s cache memory.  It is remembering a site that you visited before and is stuck there.  That site address is in your brower’s cace memory.  Cache memory is used to store where you have been and to load frequently accessed pages faster.  The solution is to clear your cache.  Here is the fix for Mozilla’s Firefox.

  1. If you have a wireless router, unplug it for five minutes and restart it.
  2. Restart your personal computer.
  3. Open Firefox and click on FIREFOX in the upper left corner.  Selection Options.
  4. Select Network and click on Clear Cache Now.
  5. Close and restart Firefox.
Another method is to try forcing the page to reload from the server by going to the site then pressing any of the following:

  • Ctrl+F5
  • Ctrl+Shift+R
  • Shift+Reload button
You can learn more about solving common problems by doing a Google search for your issue.  Others often have a similar problem.  You can use their solution.  Here is the site for this issue.  It was found by searching for “clear Firefox cache.”  View Firefox Help solution
I enter my post address and it gives me another post, not mine.
We found this issue on a few website.  We created all post sites at the same time using an automated system.  Some posts were incorrectly linked.  You are finding it now as there is no post blogmaster yet.  He or she has not claimed the site for the post.  It needs to be updated.  Solution:
  1. See your post commander and ask to take on this role.  It is a simple process and you enter post information and stories using a system similar to email.
  2. Contact the state blogmaster and ask for assistance.  He will contact you, provide links to tutorials, and setup a time to assist you.  See the tutorials now under TOOLS in the red taskbar.
  3. When contacting the blogmaster, be sure to provide your name, post number, and a contact telephone number.  Request blogmaster help now.
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