Post Blogmaster Startup

Welcome to all new post Blogmasters.  This is your starting point for claiming a post website and personalizing it to meet your needs.  You will find lots of information about site management here, but you can also find a lot more by visiting  We use WordPress as our software, as do many of the websites you already visit.

Flying Squadron attendees learned about tools available to them for Post on-line reporting and email.  If you need help with either, check for their instructions on the taskbar above under Tools.

Each post has a sophisticated, but easy to use, website already setup and waiting for the post blogmaster to use.  The site is free of charge and it exists today.  Post addresses are all the same except for the post number.  Find yours by going to (put your post number where the “X’s” appear.

wizardPasswords and usernames were provided at the Flying Squadron training session.  Didn’t attend and need help?  Just contact the Blogmaster by email.  He will ask you to do a couple of things first, then he will assist your via a conference call.  You will go through the steps to post news (your post blog) and to edit and add photos/videos to your static website pages.

Ready to get started?  It is fairly easy.  If you can create and send/receive email, you are already familiar with most of the process.

Here is what the Blogmaster will ask you to do:

  1. Look up and review website training information under Tools.  Look for Website Training for Posts.  You will find tutorials and videos on what you will be doing.
  2. Look up Website Toolbox under Tools.  This is expose you to no cost solutions to photo editing and working with PDF files.
  3. Send an email to the Blogmaster.  Include your post number, your name, and a telephone number where he can reach you.  Be sure to give a number that you can answer near your personal computer.  Include a good time (p.m. works best), where he can call you.

The Blogmaster will get back to you and assist you.  You will do the work yourself as he monitors your steps and reviews the results with you.

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