Photos from Video

video cameraOne of our comrades is preparing for a church anniversary reunion event.  He and his wife are on the event committee and they were asked if they could come up with some photos of church events from the last 20-25 years.  They have lots of video, but few photos.  The Mrs. contacted your blogmaster and asked what about their options.  “Can we get a photo or photos from their videos?”  and “If yes, How?”

Of course, left unsaid was “How do we do it with limited money for expensive video editing software?” Just like most posts, there is not a lot of money for software and other nice to have stuff.

The solution turned out to be in Google’s photo editor, Picasa.  It is free and is used by a lot of our posts now to make collages, edit or enhance photos, and to create slideshows of post events.

Your post may have some video or maybe post members do.  Just think of the opportunities you may have to capture historical photos for use on your post website or a new post activities slideshow.

If you are a Picasa user, just open Picasa,  select one of your videos to view, watch the video and click on Take Snapshot whenever you want to capture what you see.  Each click of the button will create a picture.  Photos are in the Captured Videos folder within Picasa.

Need a graphical step by step set of instructions, click here.  You will then visit Picasa Geeks’ website.  Look for more information on how to maximize or enhance your post’s website by viewing website training and other options under the TOOLS menu.  You will find a Website Toolbox and Website Training for Posts.

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