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We get questions about capturing a photo, parts of a page or document, or snapping a picture of an area. There are several software packages that let you take a snapshot or screenshot, but you may need to just zero in on an area on the screen or in a picture.

One post wanted to capture their website calendar as an image to use in their printed newsletter. Printing it would have printed the whole page. They just wanted the calendar and they wanted to place the calendar within a document or form. MWSnap3 does a good job of capturing parts of an image. You simply click on a corner of the  desired and drag the provided cross-hairs to create a desired area.

Try MWSnap3. It is an open source solution (free to the user). It installs easily and is present for most users. However, I recommend one change from the standard install. Change the picture type you are saving to .png or .jpg. Do not create a .bmp file.  Both .jpg (jpeg) and .png files are small and they are recognized by all browsers.  You need to keep your picture file size small.  Small photos load FAST.

Where to get it. Just click here
Do not click on the big DOWNLOAD NOW button. That is an ad. Look further down in the text for:

v.3.00 as Setup (recommended): site 1, site 2 (643 KB)

Click on Site 1 to download. Install it.

Like most, you may be getting lost with all this talk about images, cropping, .jpg, etc. You may even be a little hesitant. Don’t be. Watch this video and you will get walked through the whole process, step by step.

Have fun and enjoy your post website.

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