VFW Webmail Security

Security of passwords are very important to our VFWWEBMAIL system.  We’ve been making some upgrades to the security  of the system that includes better, more secure passwords.

New users and users making changes to existing passwords must create a permanent password  after logging in with their temporary password.  Passwords MUST contain the following three items:

  1. Passwords must be at least six (6) characters long,
  2. Contain at least one character must be a CAPITAL letter, and
  3. There must be at least one number in the password.   Examples of new password format:  Candyman7, 145865A,  $%dogs5, or canMan6

So as an example, a user logs onto to VFWWEBMAIL  for the first time and logs in with a default password (provided by your district or post commander).  The system immediately prompts them to change their password.  The NEW password you create must follow the rules above.  Users can no longer set their password back to the originally provided default password, as it does not conform to the new rules

Remember, if you as a user decide to change an existing password, it must change to something new.  The system will not permit you to reuse (reset) a password to one that they’ve used before.  As an example, a user has logged in, changed their password to Whitewolf1 and is using their account.  If at some point they forget their password and contact you the WEBMAIL administrator  to have the password reset, the administrator will  reset the password to a temporary default password.  When the user logs in and the system and it asks them to change their password, they will not be able to use Whitewolf1 again.  It must be something different.

We realize that this may make things a bit more difficult for some existing or new users as they adjust to the changes, but it should greatly increase our user email security.

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