Using VFW Webmail

Our system is no different from any of the many high-end office email suites, only it is free and historical.  By historical, I mean that it will be there for future post commanders, adjutants, and quartermasters.  When a key officer leaves office, his mail stays behind for his successor.

Use of personal email addresses for business is a significant issue.  If you think it is rough on your post, consider a small business where a key employee leaves and takes with them their knowledge base contained in their personal email account.    What if you lost a key member due to death or work relocation/retirement?

Training on how to gain access to district or post email is now available to you on line.  You can download the training guide here: VFW WebMail Help – NC 2012 (Redacted copy)

The VFW Webmail system, based on Zimbra mail,  provides three mailboxes for each post.  They are:

  1. Post Commander,
  2. Adjutant,
  3. Quartermaster,
The post passwords are reset annually after the annual state convention.  Content is retained, but access is changed.  If you missed the convention, you may obtain your passwords from your district commander or the blogmaster.
Nothing explains the mail system better than a demonstration.  Take a minute to watch an overview.  Then, visit the additional sites listed to view demonstrations on making an address list or importing a mail list.
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