NC State Bylaws

The Veterans of Foreign Wars is governed by a a constitution and bylaws for the chartered National Organization.  Individual states, known as Departments, operate under those bylaws and an additional set of Department Bylaws that explain state operating procedures.  National Bylaws supersede state and local bylaws, which must conform to national bylaws.

VFW Bylaws

  • National Bylaws.  The National By-Laws are available through VFW Emblem & Supply and are not available online. You can order online at Emblem & Supply or call toll free 1-800-821-2606.  The Department of North Carolina also stocks the bylaws and they can be ordered from the department.
  •       Changes to National Bylaws approved at the 2012 National Convention are available.  Download: Changes to VFW National Bylaws 2012
  • VFW NC State Bylaws.   The official Department of North Carolina Bylaws are available on-line.   Download:  2012 VFW NC State By-Laws 071013
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