Post Canteen SOP

Canteens follow special rules to ensure compliance with National and State Bylaws and other applicable laws.  These rules are called Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

The Department of North Carolina Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) for post canteens, as approved by the Department Council of Administration on 14 June 2012.  Although this is not the same as a by-law, it is an extension of Article XVI of the Department By-Laws, and has been approved by the Council.  As such, the canteen inspectors who are required to inspect your canteens twice annually must abide by it, and report to the State Inspector when you are not in compliance.  The State Inspector can then, if he considers it necessary, ask the State Commander to temporarily close your canteen until you come into compliance, which he can do under Article XVI.

However, it was explained to the Council by Canteen Committee Chairman Steve Amos that we are going to give the posts plenty of time to comply.  The Department  suggests that by starting to comply now,  you can easily be in full compliance within six months  or so.

Download new Canteen  Department of North Carolina Standard Operating Procedure for Post Canteens.

Other canteen forms and related items are located at:  Downloadable Forms

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