Mentoring Program

VFW Mentoring is a requirement for All State Team.  Posts are required to develop and maintain a strong Mentoring Program in their post.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars has published a brochure that provides program guidelines and general information.  See:   VFW Mentoring Brochure

Reporting Requirement

Post Commanders are required to certify that all new members (those joining during the post year) were mentored.  We now have a new form that can be used.  Here is how it works:

  1. Open the on-line form. Download form.  The form is form-fillable on your screen.  This means you can add data to the form and print a copy.
  2. Enter each new member’s information on a line.
  3. Print the form and keep the page open on your screen.
  4. Proofread your form.  If correct, sign it.
  5. Send the form to Quartermaster, Department of North Carolina, at least 30 days before the state convention.

On-line PDF forms can not be saved to your computer unless you own a PDF Writer software package.  You should scan a copy and save it to your computer for reference.

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