VFW – Our Heritage

The history of the Veterans of Foreign Wars goes back a long way–all the way back to the Spanish-American War.  Our veterans were mustering our.  The war was over.  They were forgotten by those who called them into service.  The returning veterans spoke out, but it was not until they joined together was their voice loud enough to be heard.  That is our heritage.  Our mission continues to be to speak out for those who can not, to reach out and help others, and to represent not only our members, but the men and women who have not yet put on a uniform.

Each post should new and prospective members by welcoming them with more than a handshake.  Spend time with them.  Tell them your story.  Tell them why you are a member of the VFW.  Tell them about the important role they play in  the future of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  They are our future.  They need to know their heritage.

The training of our replacements, just like yours when you served on active duty, comes from the seasoned and experienced in your squad, platoon, squadron, or division.  We ;listened and learned and became an integral part of our command team.  So is it with our posts, districts, and department.

Here is a lengthy video on the History of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  It is in five parts.  Watch them all at once or watch one at your post meeting or training session.

VFW History, Part 1


VFW History, Part 2


VFW History, Part 3


VFW History, Part 4


VFW History, Part 5



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