Unpaid Membership

Membership renewal is easy for the posts, but there are always a few members who fail to renew.  The reasons range from lost renewal notices to loss of interest.  All State Team posts consistently have 100% plus membership.  They do this by keeping up with members.  If they don’t see them, they find out why they are missing a meeting or two.

Regardless of how well a post tries, some members will end up unpaid.  Post Commanders are encouraged to take a leadership role in this by personally contacting all members who are unpaid six months into the post year.  Don’t call them to ask where their dues are, call them to find out how they are and why you have not seen them.  If they need a ride, see if you can arrange for transportation with a neighboring member.

There are other former members of the VFW living in and around a post.  Some may have moved down to North Carolina to escape cold winters, and others may have moved up from the deep south for our milder climate.  You are encouraged to locate them and invite them to join your post.

To assist you, the department prepares a consolidated list of unpaid members in North Carolina.  It is provided to the district commanders and is available to you.  Ask your district commander to provide it to you.  Instruction on how to sort through the list to find candidates for your post are now available on line.  Just download Editing Unpaid Member Lists.

You will need MS Excel to open the file.  Don’t have it and can’t afford it?  Download the free Open Source LibreOffice or Apache OpenOffice.org.  They are full-featured office productivity suites.  If you need help with the file or an OpenSource Office Productivity Suite, contact the blogmaster.

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