Who’s Rescuing Who?

More soldiers have killed themselves after leaving their combat theater than were killed in combat during the current conflict.

Many come home with PTSD and have a very difficult time readjusting and need help.   At the same time they need help, dogs in North Carolina shelters are killed because no one rescued them in time.

A Wags4Tags rescued dog

Wags4Tags is one of the several rescue dog groups your VFW has partnered with to help our PTSD veterans.  Wags4Tags rescues the dogs, trains them and upon certification as a Service or Companion Dog, presents them to a veteran who needs one.   Visit their website

How can you help?  You can support their program with a donation.  You can also share this information with other veterans.  Who knows, you just may save a life.

PBS Television did an extensive program on Wags4Tags and others helping our veterans. Take a look at this moving story.

Watch Tuesday, September 11, 2012 on PBS. See more from NC Now.


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