New members need mentors.  Mentors guide new members and help them grow within the post.  They share ideas, introduce the new member to others, take them along with them to events and so much more.  Mentoring is essential to the growth of the post and our organization.

It’s just like when we all first reported for basic training.  We were taught the “why,” “how,” and traditions of our service.  Without that core training we would have failed.  VFW Mentoring helps ensure that our core values, customs, traditions, programs, and service continue.  Our legacy is to instill our core values in others.

How is your post’s mentoring program?   Need help in developing a plan for your Mentoring Program?  The VFW had a brochure on the program with helpful tips and procedures.  Download  VFW Mentoring Brochure

All post commanders are reminded that they need to certify that all new members have been mentored.  This is a requirement for All State Team consideration.  Learn more

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