Quartermaster Resources Now On-line

Post Quartermasters are reminded that they can go to the VFW National website (www.vfw.org) on the Internet, sign in as the Quartermaster, and have access to numerous data on programs, tools, resources, chairmen’s guides, etc.

If you are a new Quartermaster, go to www.vfw.org, and Log-in. Once logged in, as a new Quartermaster, when you get to the user ID/password blocks, check on complete new account.   See General Order 1, August 2013, for information on assigned passwords.  Click here to view

A Reminder on Post Bonding:  Quartermasters are reminded that they must be bonded no later than 31 August for all liquid assets of the post or district (checking, savings, CDs, stocks and bonds, etc). Property values are not included. A quartermaster bondpacket is located on the Department Website at www.vfwnc.org under Tools, then Downloadable Forms. Warning:  If you are bonded by an independent insurance or bond agency, your post must provide the Department Adjutant with proof of bonding (meeting the minimum standards listed herein) and maintain that bond.  When renewed, provide a copy of the replacement bond certification to the Department Adjutant.  Proof of Quartermaster bonding must be provided during post and canteen inspections.

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