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Do you know a comrade that is very active in your community?  Do you have a story about a veteran who was in need and your post took care of them?  Do you have a post project that has made an impact in your community?  Share their stories!  Let other posts in on your post’s success stories.  You will not only spread the news of Veterans of Foreign Wars member contributions, but you may well give another post or district an idea!

World War II veteran Robert Patton interviewed by local television news

World War II veteran Robert Patton interviewed by local television news

Each North Carolina VFW post now has an on-line presence that at a minimum has the core components identifying the post.  Adding pictures and stories takes very little effort and is as easy as writing email.  Posts can display event photos, slideshows, and videos on their site.

A post’s website news item is also viewed by everyone and published daily statewide to subscribers of the My VFW NC Network News.

For posts with an inactive website, you can take ownership of your post website today.  Details were provided district and post commanders at the Flying Squadron training sessions.  Your have a post website ready to go.  It just needs stories of post activities to encourage, motivate and reward the hard work of your members.  Take a look at Chapel Hill’s site and see the potential for your post.  See Chapel Hill Post 9100’s site at:

Need more information?  Contact the state Blogmaster at

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