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Find a post by number of town in North Carolina.  Click on the displayed Post Number to visit the NC VFW Post weblog for that post.

If you would like to contact a post by email, you can send email directly to their Post Commander (CDR)  or Quartermaster (QM).  Here is how:

  • Insert the post number in the email address as applicable: for the post commander or for the quartermaster.
  • The correct email for Post 9100 Post Commander would appear as


Post Name City
VFW Post 8719 Advance Memorial Post Advance
VFW Post 2908 Waverly Owen Skidmore Post Albemarle
VFW Post 7620 Andrews Post Andrews
VFW Post 6983 Angier Post Angier
VFW Post 10485 Fred D. Craver-Arcadia Post (closed) Arcadia
VFW Post 9899 Summers-Hodgin Post Archdale
VFW Post 891 Sgt. Daniel Frank Hyatt Sr. Post Asheville
VFW Post 11226 John F. Early Post Aulander
VFW Post 4147 The Southern Nash War Memorial Post Bailey
VFW Post 10473 Lake Lure Post Bat Cave
Now Post 2514 Pamlico County Post (merged) Bayboro
VFW Post 2401 Jones-Austin Post Beaufort
VFW Post 9881 East Montgomery Memorial Post Biscoe
VFW Post 9157 Green-Leagon-Simpson-Lindsey Post Black Mountain
VFW Post 10400 Boiling Spring Lakes Post Boiling Spg Lake
VFW Post 7031 Watauga Mountaineer Post Boone
VFW Post 4309 Lewis E. Jackson Post Brevard
VFW Post 9281 Omer Buchanan Post Bryson City
VFW Post 10607 Robert Lee Pate III Post Burlington
VFW Post 10777 Butner-Creedmoor Post Butner
VFW Post 7288 Calabash Post Calabash
VFW Post 9939 Hominy Valley Post (consolidated with Post 891)
VFW Post 5198 Edwards Clark Messer Post Canton
VFW Post 7383 Franklin-Sloan Post Cary
VFW Post 9100 C V Cummings Chapel Hill Post Chapel Hill
VFW Post 1160 Stonewall Jackson Post Charlotte
VFW Post 7775 Sgt. William E. Robinson Post Charlotte
VFW Post 9488 Mecklenburg Post Charlotte
VFW Post 5200 Cherryville Post Cherryville
VFW Post 9010 Brewer-Lowder-Mc Cuiston Post Clemmons
VFW Post 11164 C Ross Berry Post Climax
VFW Post 7547 Sampson County Post Clinton
VFW Post 10659 Glynn T Cahoon Post Columbia
VFW Post 9116 Polk County Memorial Post Columbus
VFW Post 6480 Cabarrus Post Concord
VFW Post 1119 Cooleemee Memorial Post Cooleemee
VFW Post 9736 Wilson Beatty Post Croft
Now Post 11173 David Mitchell Post (merged) Danbury
VFW Post 6767 Lee-Parnell Post Dunn
VFW Post 2740 Henry Seeman Post Durham
VFW Post 6060 William Clarence Jackson Post Elizabeth City
VFW Post 8062 Raymond W. Biglow Post Elizabethtown
VFW Post 7794 William J. Jones Post Elkin
VFW Post 6018 Ssg James B. Dennis Post Fayetteville
VFW Post 670 Sergt. Ambrose R. Williams Post Fayetteville
VFW Post 5204 Harold Hawkins Post Forest City
VFW Post 7339 Macon County Memorial Post Franklin
VFW Post 10225 South Wake County Post Garner
VFW Post 9337 Absher-Flowers Post Gastonia
VFW Post 2972 W. D. Hammer Post Gibsonville
VFW Post 1885 Glen Alpine Post Glen Alpine
VFW Post 10685 Jimmy Dillard Post Glenville
VFW Post 2615 Goldsboro Post Goldsboro
Now Post 2087 VFW Post 1st Sgt. Willie Wilson Post (merged) Greensboro
VFW Post 2087 Major George E. Preddy Jr. Post Greensboro
VFW Post 11533 The Guardian Post Greensboro
VFW Post 7032 Charles Gray Morgan Post Greenville
VFW Post 4062 AYDEN-GRIFTON Post Grifton
VFW Post 7314 The Hamlet Memorial Post Hamlet
VFW Post 10346 Yadkin Post Hamptonville
VFW Post 7315 Leslie C Lewis Post Havelock
VFW Post 6812 Allison-Bristol Post Hayesville
VFW Post 2417 Hill Cooper Post Henderson
VFW Post 5206 Hedrick-Rhodes Post Hendersonville
VFW Post 1957 Barb-Hammond-Smith Post Hickory
VFW Post 10000 Hiddenite Post Hiddenite
VFW Post 12107 Kenneth Carl Post High Point
VFW Post 8866 Holden Beach Post Holden Beach
VFW Post 9983 New Topsail Island Post Holly Ridge
VFW Post 10630 Frederick J. Lawrence Post Hope Mills
VFW Post 2423 Indian Trail Memorial Post Indian Trail
VFW Post 9133 Jacksonville Post Jacksonville
VFW Post 7946 Ashley-James-Roten Post Jefferson
VFW Post 8989 Poston-Perkins Post Kannapolis
VFW Post 5352 Oscar L. Joyner Jr. Post Kernersville
VFW Post 9811 Frank B. Glass Post Kings Mountain
VFW Post 2771 Lenoir Post Kinston
VFW Post 2008 Ralph Calhoun VFW Post Laurinburg
VFW Post 2574 Strong-Martin-Steagall Post Leaksville-Spray
VFW Post 9408 John H. Ellis Post Leland
VFW Post 5381 Lee Powell Post Lenoir
VFW Post 3074 Floyd Lee Berrier Post Lexington
VFW Post 8721 William Prather York Post Liberty
VFW Post 6722 Ernest Simmons Post Lillington
VFW Post 1706 William E. Shipp- Dwight E. Lockman Post Lincolnton
VFW Post 6365 Barbee-Turner Post Locust
VFW Post 8969 David Thompson Post Lumberton
VFW Post 5483 Mars Hill Memorial Post Mars Hill
VFW Post 9751 Robert Franklin Garland Post Marshville
VFW Post 9158 Cpl. Rufus Lamar Walters Post Maxton
VFW Post 7033 Billy Roberts Post Mayodan
VFW Post 1920 Mebane Post Mebane
VFW Post 8297 Midway-Monroeton Post Midway-Monroeton
VFW Post 10349 Bryant Womack- Ray Bradley Post Mill Spring
VFW Post 4059 Earp-Williams Post Mint Hill
VFW Post 4024 Thomas Ray Davis Post Mocksville
VFW Post 5464 John C. M. Vann Post Monroe
VFW Post 5362 Table Rock Post Morganton
VFW Post 2019 Claude E. Hooker Post Mount Airy
VFW Post 10940 Mt. Gilead Post Mount Gilead
VFW Post 9136 James Parks Warren Jr. Post Mount Holly
VFW Post 9959 Mt. Olive Post Mount Olive
VFW Post 10949 P.F.C. Ernest R. Randolph Jr. Post Moyock
VFW Post 10222 Murphy Post Murphy
VFW Post 1142 Blue Ridge Mountain Post N Wilkesboro
VFW Post 10950 Outer Banks Post Nags Head
VFW Post 6066 Waccamaw Memorial Post Nakina
VFW Post 2514 Dixon-Conderman Post New Bern
VFW Post 6369 Talbert-Wagoner Post New London
VFW Post 4286 Pat Ray Post Newland
VFW Post 8986 Newport Post Newport
VFW Post 5305 Donald Lanford Drum Post Newton
VFW Post 7999 North West Guilford Memorial Post No. West Guilford
VFW Post 4096 Major Andrew Jackson Hundley Post Norlina
VFW Post 6183 James P. Lowder Jr. Post Norwood
VFW Post 10226 Oak Island Post Oak Island
VFW Post 4208 Arrowhead Post Old Fort
VFW Post 6724 Paw Creek Post Paw Creek
VFW Post 2843 Locklear-Lowry Memorial Post Pembroke
VFW Post 8593 Pfafftown-Vienna Post Pfafftown
VFW Post 9436 Pilot Mountain Memorial Post Pilot Mountain
VFW Post 9564 Pine Level Post Pine Level
VFW Post 9514 Willard Smith Post Pink Hill
VFW Post 7313 Joe Wagner Post Pittsboro
VFW Post 4023 Bosie Bateman Post Plymouth
VFW Post 10 Ralph A. Pandure Post Raeford
VFW Post 7930 Alphonso Pickett Post Raeford
VFW Post 10001 Douglas E. Moore Memorial Post Raleigh
VFW Post 10999 Thomas Walker Memorial Post Raleigh
VFW Post 9418 Randleman Memorial Post Randleman
VFW Post 3702 Halifax Post Roanoke Rapids
VFW Post 9245 Robbins Post Robbins
VFW Post 8635 Carringer-Webster Post Robbinsville
VFW Post 4203 Henry C. Rancke Jr. Post Rockingham
VFW Post 9134 Vanhoy-Sells Post Rockwell
VFW Post 2057 Moore-Ezzell-Long Post Rocky Mount
VFW Post 12025 St. Paul Post Saint Paul
VFW Post 3006 Hudson-Miller-Tatum Post Salisbury
VFW Post 9131 Vailes-Newland-Walker Post Salisbury
VFW Post 5631 Stanley Mc Leod Post Sanford
VFW Post 4312 Northampton-Halifax Post Seaboard
VFW Post 5955 Kermit B. Stallings Post Selma
VFW Post 4066 George Loris Dover Post Shelby
VFW Post 5886 Stevens-Barbour Post Smithfield
VFW Post 9841 Snow Hill Post Snow Hill
VFW Post 7318 The John Boyd Post Southern Pines
VFW Post 7034 Bruce Wayne Osborne Post Sparta
VFW Post 4542 Spring Lake Memorial Post Spring Lake
VFW Post 9103 Robert R. Miller Post Spring Lake
VFW Post 11222 Mountain Park Memorial Post State Road
VFW Post 2031 Statesville Post Statesville
VFW Post 9925 Wiley A. Bullard Post Stedman
VFW Post 7312 Gates County Memorial Post Sunbury
VFW Post 9960 W. E. Baggs Sr. Post Swansboro
VFW Post 6064 Tabor City Memorial Post Tabor City
VFW Post 9850 Edgecombe Post Tarboro
VFW Post 5466 Rex Stevenson – Atwell Wike – Bobby Auton Post Taylorsville
VFW Post 2756 William C. Miller Post Thomasville
VFW Post 9493 Mike Martin Post Tuckasegee
VFW Post 11119 Vanceboro Post Vanceboro
VFW Post 10403 The James D. Henderson Post Wadesboro
VFW Post 8466 Wake Forest Memorial Post Wake Forest
VFW Post 9161 The English-Brown Post Wallace
VFW Post 11173 Walnut Cove Post Walnut Cove
VFW Post 9810 Warsaw Post Warsaw
VFW Post 6088 Washington Memorial Post Washington
VFW Post 5202 Waynesville Post Waynesville
VFW Post 8073 Tommie Callahan Memorial Post Whiteville
VFW Post 8013 Samuel Owl Sr. Post Whittier
VFW Post 2573 Manley-Reece Post Wilmington
VFW Post 6651 Wilson County Post Wilson
VFW Post 1134 Frank Perryman Post Winston Salem
VFW Post 12132 Maggie Valley Post Maggie Valley
VFW Post 7316 Caswell County Post Yanceyville
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