The Goal is Near

“Today we sit at 97.22% as a Department. I wanted to take the time to congratulate all for all the hard work that has been done, and all that we have accomplished so far this year,” said Lewis Hunt, Membership Chairman.

This is great news, as we head to the state convention.  We are close to 100% and it can be done.  It’s time for a “full court press.”  If we, as a team, push hard at our post level, we can easily achieve our goal.

Remember, membership is more than numbers.  Just think of the programs, support services, and veterans assistance that membership makes possible.  Each new member and each retained member strengthens our ability to ensure all veterans continue to receive the benefits, services, and care that they are now entitled.  Our membership numbers make our voice in Congress and state legislature stronger!

You know the benefits of membership.  Share that with your friends.  Invite them to join your post so that they, too, can help make a difference in your Post.

Need help?  Have questions?  Contact Lewis Hunt at 704-780-5979


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