Membership Challenge

Here’s a challenge from our neighbors in Kentucky.  Brian Duffy, Member, VFW National Council of Administration, writes,

“I just got back from the Kentucky Fall VFW Conference.

I felt so energized, that I reviewed our post unpaid roster, and picked off 6 members that I personally know.  I then jotted down their addresses and took about 5 minutes to write each of them a personal note to say hello, and encourage them to stay with us!

I briefly highlighted just a few of our local veteran/troop and community volunteerism efforts. I never mentioned the canteen – that’s not a good reason to be in the VFW!”

Brian challenges everyone to share his thoughts with other Veterans of Foreign Wars members.  Ask them to pick six names off their post’s unpaid list and send them a personal note.  It only takes 5 minutes per note, or 30 minutes for the suggested six!

Check your post commander’s mailbox for the North Carolina lists.  They were provided this week by the Department Quartermaster.  Are your ready to call your unpaid members?

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