Flying Squadron District-Post Training

Have you just won election and have now assumed the position of Post Commander and Auxiliary President?  How about as the Post Quartermaster, or Post or Auxiliary Treasurer?    The sheer thought of taking on these leadership roles can seem overwhelming.  It need not be.

1-Flying Squadron Mt Olive (4)Your District Commander hosts an annual Flying Squadron like event to help newly elected, or returning, officers with the training they need.  You will learn how to use the VFWWEBMAIL and and the NC VFW On-Line Program Reporting systems.  You will also learn about the state-provided web sites and how to use them.

Another important topic will help you learn how to handle funds, how the Veterans of Foreign Wars operates at the state and post level, and how to participate in the many VFW programs.  You will share ideas with other like-minded leaders.  You will also meet comrades from other posts and districts and take away a few new ideas.

Seasoned veteran officers in all categories, past district commanders, and district All State Team members will be there to share ideas and help prepare you for your new responsibilities.  And, there are plenty of mentors for the Ladies and Men’s Auxiliaries.  PDP Presidents and auxiliary chairman and line officers will be at each regional event.This is a special program just for you.  We want you to be successful.  This is where it starts.

Dates and locations were determined by and announced by District Commanders.

If you want to start thinking about some of the things you can do and get a head start on new ideas, take a look at some of the items under Tools in the header taskbar.  Be sure to read Building Post News.


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