Post Website Images

Our Posts are working with their provided websites and they are finding new ways to do neat stuff.  However, sometimes they hit a brick wall on how to do something.

An example is capturing their calendar. They have the calendar up-to-date and on-line, but some members don’t have a computer. We were asked, “How can I capture the calendar on our website and put it into a MS-Word document?” It is possible, but you need a little help and the solution can also let you grab a part of a picture and make a new picture with just the captured image.

This solution and several others are located under Tools in the red taskbar. Take a look for Website Toolbox. There is another group under tools called Website Training for Posts.

Can’t find the link? ¬†Click here

Have fun with your Post’s website. Dress it up and add content. Who knows, you just may be the next “Best Website” in North Carolina.