Post Election Reports

Post Elections are coming soon.  Do you know the rules for holding an election and submitting your post report on newly elected officers?  It is in the national bylaws, but you can also find information in the April 2014 General Orders, No. 9.  View general orders

The Department has posted the newest election report on the web.  It is located on the Downloadable Forms page under TOOLS.  The current version is formfillable.  Just download and open the form and then fill it in on your computer.  You can print copies for mailing, as required.  Download Post Election Form

Helpful tipsDid you know that you can save a completed PDF even when Adobe will not let you?  This is important when you want to save a copy of a form you complete on-line.  How?  You change the game.  Instead of trying to save the restricted-PDF, print it using a PDF printer.

A PDF printer prints the form as a file (in PDF format).  You name the file and save it to your desired file folder.  Now just open it in the folder and you will see a fully completed form that mirrors what you had on your screen.  You can attach it to an email and forward it.  This works very well with post canteen and inspection reports.   Your blogmaster recommends CutePDFWriter.  It is a no-cost solution (the alternative CutePDFWriter Professional has a fee).  Learn more about this solution and how to create Office Suite documents, spreadsheets, and presentation at no cost at Working with PDFs.  Learn some new personal computer skills and save yourself and your post real dollars.

Learn more about this process by visiting Website Training for Posts under TOOLS.  Click here

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