New Member Training

What do you do at your post or district to train new members?  How about established, long time members?  Both thirst for knowledge about the VFW.  Its heritage, history, purpose today, and our future are of interest to everyone.

Learning more about who we are, what we have done, and what we are doing is important as you talk to prospective members, veterans, news media, or speak at schools.

convaIf you want to maintain membership, don’t forget to keep your members informed.  Create enthusiasm and motivate them to participate more by sharing our programs, goals, and more.

Where can you start?  You can attend or host district training events or attend the Council of Administration meetings.  Did you know that you can sit in on many of the committee meetings, even if you are not a member of the committee?  Your input may be key to solving a problem.  Your attendance will expand your knowledge on the workings of the Department of North Carolina.  It will also expose you to the processes and procedures  of our department and prepare you for a post, district, or state position.

Are you ready to learn more?  We have added a new page to the website.  It can be found under Membership Training and VFW Programs.  It is VFW – Our Heritage.

VFW – Our Heritage includes the complete historical video on the VFW.  It covers our humble start over a hundred years ago and traces our activities up to today.  You will be amazed at what Your VFW has done for service men and women, their families, our communities, and what they are doing to protect what we have done by fighting for veterans rights and support.

Use the videos and the many resources of this state web site to train your members at a district or post event.  Share our history with reporters when they ask about the Veterans of Foreign Wars.  Let everyone know what The Veterans of Foreign Wars and your post are doing to help others.

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