Making Noise! Getting Attention!

Is this you?  I can’t  seem to generate interest in what we do at the Post?  The local papers don’t report our post activities.  Membership is down and there doesn’t seem to be interest in joining….

If so, you are in a group that needs recognition.  Did you know that other posts don’t have the same issues?  Some posts are growing stronger each year.  New posts are springing up.  Others report renewed interest in veterans affairs by the local media.  Frank Richardson of Calabash Post 7288 reports, “…but the local coverage is booming in the papers, even t-v…”  What’s their secret?

There is none, but there is one common denominator.  Every successful post uses press releases, photographs, and the web to announce and promote post activities.

The State Blogmaster has published a new feature on using the media to build you post.  It is on-line under Tools | Website Toolbox | Building Post News.  There are many other resources under Tools that will help you better use your state-provided free website.  If you have not claimed your post’s site, you can do it today.  Claim website

Already have an active website?  Why not contact the Blogmaster and chat.  You are sure to learn new ways to improve on your site.  There are a lot of new features, software, and resources available a no cost to your post.  For details, just contact the state Blogmaster.

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