It’s Not Magic

Creating an effective and sharp looking post website is easier than you might think.  Yes, many blog and webmasters would like you to think that it is wizardry or magic that they perform to create a website.  Some even make a good living at it.  But, what a post needs is media presence.  You want to be found by veterans, news media, newspapers, radio, kids seeking scholarship information, and Wizard largeactive duty members serving far from home.

Do you know who else benefits from a strong post website?  Just look around your post!  Next time you are sitting in the canteen drinking your diet soda, look around.  Think about Jim, Bob, Mary, Mike, Sally, and the many other people who are at the post.  What are they doing?  Most likely, they are not drinking a diet coke.  They are serving it, cooking in the kitchen, mowing the grass, folding flags, calling comrades, writing newsletters, visiting sick members, chauffeuring vets to the VA, planning a fundraiser, and more.

Does your post tell their stories?  Are you taking pictures–lots and lots of pictures–of post activities?  You don’t need a photographer.  Use your smartphone!  Scan through your weekly collection of pictures and start writing.  Share their accomplishments and dedication with your post and community by adding a story to your post blog.  Add a picture.  No, add lots of photos!  Let them know you appreciate their efforts.

You will soon hear members talking about those who appear on the web.  Families will visit your website to read about Uncle Bob.  Your town paper will see what your post is doing.  School teachers will learn about Teachers of the Year who were recognized by your post.  Before you know it, just like magic, you are a thriving, well known post!

What does it take to get started?  Well, your website and server are paid for by the Department.  You just need to spend a little time writing.  If your post does not have a creative news writer, then you have not been watching and listening in your post.  Find someone who is a storyteller.  Look for someone who shares information and emails important news to his friends in the post.  Next, take ownership of your post’s website.  Have your storyteller contact the state Blogmaster for instructions on how to start your post’s blog.  You can start now by visiting Website Training for Posts.

p.s.  Watch for information on Post Blog Wizards.  Storytellers share ideas and we will gather some and share them with like-minded comrades.  Afterall, who doesn’t like a Magic Show?


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