Getting Ready for the State Convention

Your bags are getting packed, your hotel reservations are confirmed, and you are ready for the State Convention.  But are you?

ncHave you checked with your post quartermaster to ensure that the 2014-15 post election report was sent in?  How about up-to-date post audits?  Unpaid bills for Buddy Poppies or other item order from the department are also a cause for concern.  Each post needs to be sure that they have met all requirements for voting at the state convention.

On-line reports of post elections may not be available to the department quartermaster.  Post Commanders or senior delegates are encouraged to check the department’s list of posts needing to correct an election deficiency.  Convention Convention Status Report 2014.

If your post is listed, obtain a copy of the missing documents, audits, or receipts and send them to the department.  Post delegates are also encouraged to bring a copy with them to the convention.  This ensures that there will be no confusion.

Missing an audit that was completed?  Check with your district commander or the VFW State Inspector, Glenn Phelps.

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