Vets Are in Demand

Today’s returning veterans are in demand.  Are you maximizing your talents in the work marketplace?  Are you applying to companies that are looking for military personnel to assume positions that use their skills?

We get inquiries from companies looking for vets to hire.  Here is a repeat request!

“We had spoke a few months ago when I had some positions available for Veterans and I wanted to reach out to you again because we just got in 6 NEW opportunities.  I am currently working with a new steam plant in Raleigh that is looking for candidates with experience in power generation.  I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me connect with anyone with former military experience dealing with boilers, chillers and/or steam turbine generators.  We need to get resumes together quickly, so please have interested candidates reach out to me by sending their resume to immediately! ”

If you are interested or if you know of a veteran meeting this description, let them know about the job.  They are needed now.

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