Don’t Take My Word For It!

Some posts do an excellent job getting the post message out to the community. Others have a tough time. It is all about value. Does your post story have value?
Of course it does, to you. How about to the local newspaper editor?

Wordpress collageIf you are not getting local coverage, you can start your own daily newspaper. It is called a Post Blog. Whatever you publish at the post is picked up by the VFW NC state news network and is published daily as state-wide news. Some stories even end up on Facebook. You can control your own media!

Publish local post stories about people, places, things, events, contests programs and community interest items. Announce performances by local schools that are of interest to your post. Tell the story of a member from Korea, World War II, Vietnam or a current conflict. Tell about awards. Tell about a “20-year hobby of collecting….” You are your own publisher and it does not cost you a penny!

Just log on to your state-provided website and start publishing. It is easy and the “how to” is published on the state website under TOOLS. Watch videos, look as samples, learn tricks, and get questions answered. We use WordPress to provide you with this free service. It is awesome!

Don’t take my word for it, read what others in the industry think. It is used by individuals, corporations, colleges, churches, clubs, Mom’s and Dad’s and Grandma, too. How about you? Learn more

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