Don’t Be Fooled…

Whom do you trust?  Don’t fall victim to phishing emails in your VFWWEBMAIL or personal email boxes.

We would like to welcome all of the new officers, who have begun to use the VFW WEBMAIL system, and would like to issue a reminder to all users, both new and existing, to use diligence when opening and reading your email.

Another email “phishing” scam has hit the network and the email basically says that your VFW account is being blocked and to click on a link which will ask for a username and password.  Please DO NOT do this.  Spammers will use your information to login to your account and will begin sending thousands or millions of spam emails from your account.  This hurts everyone as our server.  Servers then gets added to blacklists on other networks and it disrupts the flow of email between systems.

As a reminder, we will never, EVER, send you an email asking you for a password.  The only person who should ever have your email password is YOU. So, please disregard any email which asks you for a password or asks you to click on any link which then asks for a username and password.  This applies equally to your personal email accounts.  Keep your internet and mailbox safe.

Thank you

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