D-Day 70th Anniversary

It will soon be 70 years since thousands of 17, 18, 19, and 20 year-olds jumped out of planes, landed by gliders, stormed the beaches, climbed the cliffs, flew combat bombing missions, and bombarded DDay landingthe coasts of Normandy.  Let us not forget their sacrifices!  Let’s salute and honor those who remain with us in our communities.  Plan for commemorative events and recognition of our World War II veterans in our posts and in our towns.

State Adjutant Bruce Edwards asks, “Comrades:  If you utilize your local newspaper and radio/TV people, you can make a big deal out of this if you wish, particularly if you have a D-Day veteran in your post or local community.”  Need help?  Want to do something or visit Normandy for the celebration?  Contact The VFW Department of Europe at Pete Mascetti at pokerp@yahoo.com.

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