Committee Chairmen

Committee Chairs

The following list is the appointed Department Committee Chairpersons for the 2013-2014 membership year. Additional information can be found in General Order #1.

Americanism Jeff Friar 704-814-9094
Blogmaster/State Web Site Lee Heavlin 919-968-8628
Buddy Poppy Lewis Hunt 704-780-5979
Budget Chairman Jack Goin 910-579-7512
Member Jason Schoolcraft 910-840-9811
Member Ted Briggs 336-816-1298
Member Dave Denenberg 704-321-5717 None listed
Member Jim Roberson 919-219-4156
Member Jesse Bellflowers 910-426-3930 None listed
Member Joe Stanley 910-352-6156
Member Greg Stafford 252-312-9584
Color Guard Captain James Cacoulidis 910-754-2545
Color Guard David Holm 828-883-2230
Color Guard Kurbie Whiehead 910-754-2545 None listed
Color Guard Bill Hertline 910-575-8057 None Listed
Color Guard Rose Quasebarth 785-969-1307
Community Service ONLINE
Conference Chairmen
Western Jim Goins 803-684-9958
Central William Greene 910-689-6944
Eastern Victor Letourneaut 910-494-2243 None Listed
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. Jim Goins 803-242-2243
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. Glendale Young 910-840-9041
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. Carmen Sadler 704-712-5206
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. Lewis Hunt 704-780-5979
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. James Eason None Listed None Listed
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. Charles Holden 828-883-3745
Dist. Guest/HQ Comm. Men’s Auxiliary 919-828-5058
Editor VFW Leader Michael B. Edwards 919-828-5058
Emergency Manage Billy Ray Cameron 919-776-3960
Emergency Manage James Mercer 919-625-2754
Golf Committee Chrmn Alan Payne 704-657-7221
Member Jack Campbell 704-882-2172
Member Gene Kent 336-363-3099
Homeless Vet Chrm Tony McMahan 980-329-0108
Hospital Chairman Chris Sikes 910-352-6156
VFW Inspector Glenn Phelps 910-692-8126
Asst Eastern Insp. Fred Partlow 910-326-5243
Asst Central Insp. Bill Green 910-689-6944
Asst Western Insp. Jim Young 828-216-3171
Leg Liason State Zeb Alley 919-877-3806 None Listed
Leg Liason State Elree Smith 919-772-8425
Legislative Off. National Jason Schoolcraft 910-840-9811
LA & VFW Liason Lynn Edwards 919-828-5058
Long Range Committee John Shelander 910-237-0220
1 Year Dean Harris 828-733-2438
1 Year Russell Burleson 910-232-0142 828-689-4133
2 Year Ken Sellers 336-227-7960
2 Year Mark Bergman 910-257-0993 None Listed
3 year Gregory Stafford 252-312-9584
3 Year Anthony Hall 704-695-1811 None Listed
Membership Chm Jack Campbell 704-737-4720
Western Bill Dean 828-260-8379
Central Billy Ray Brown 910-476-1325
Eastern Lacy Jo Gerstkemper 360-907-9875
Motorcycle Coordinator John Shelander 910-237-0220
Nascar Coordinator Tony McMahan 980-329-0108
National Home Jeff Friar 704-814-9094
Nat. Mil. Svcs ChrmAsst. NMS ChairmanUnmet Needs Coord. William “Bill” GreeneBill Ray BrownJames Clark 910-425-0915 


Ft. Bragg Area Roland Rochester 910-551-2034
Camp Lejeune Area Marvin Fiel 910-938-1181
Seymour Johnson Eric Cantu 252-560-8031
Cherry Point Area J.T. White 252-638-4479
National Guard Frances Crawford 910-875-7500
National Guard William Hall 828-788-2176
National Guard Wanda Butler 704-654-9609
National Programs Cord. Bruce Edwards 919-828-5058
Assistant Ron Lief 910-287-6168
Patriot Pen Mike Ayscue 919-496-5637
POW/MIA David Hamel 910-436-5654
Scholarships Pete Knight 336-468-6257
Scouting Activities Terry Middleton 910-635-6435
Assistant David Hamel 910-436-5654
Assistant Bill Lane 704-821-7529
Sergeant-at-Arms Gary Barringer 704-279-3039
Womens Veterans Frances Crawford 910-875-7500
State Service Officer Cleo Summers 336-631-5457
Asst Nat. Vet. Serv. Ronald Putnam 828-646-6937 (828)648-8904
Teacher of the Year Jeff Friar 704-814-9094
VAVS Asheville Rep Johnny Taylor 828-894-8673
Asheville Deputy Earl Caldwell 828-627-2744 None Listed
VA Volunteer Services Durham Rep Harry Bays 919-447-8767 None Listed
Durham Deputy James Costin 919-828-0278
Durham Deputy Eddie Parungo 919-876-8091 None Listed
VAVS Fayetteville Rep James E. Flanders 910-488-4499 None Listed
Fayetteville Deputy Darlene Webster 910-864-7718 None Listed
Fayetteville Deputy John Shelander 910-323-2695
Fayetteville Deputy Richard Fergison 910-551-2557
VAVS Salisbury Rep Gary Barringer 704-279-3039
Salisbury Deputy Pete Knight 336-468-6257
Salisbury Deputy Eddie Johnson 704-633-1056 None Listed
Salisbury Deputy Henry Mize 704-636-2960 None Listed
Veterans Org. Liasion Elree Smith 919-772-8425
Voice of Democracy Chairman Walter Glance 828-254-4755
Assistant East Victor Letourneaut 910-494-2243 None Listed
Assistant Central Ken Sellers 336-227-7960
Assistant West Russell Burleson 828-275-2668 828-689-4133
Nat’l. Council Mem. # 9 Jim Goins 803-684-9958

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