Working With On-line Forms

A new department Expense Sheet was added to the Downloadable Forms page.  This revised form corrects some issues with entering data.  Visit Forms

Some posts have asked about saving a PDF that they completed on-line.  You can not do this unless you own a copy of Adobe Acrobat or one of the competing PDF generators.  PDF Converter Professional is one of the alternatives that is available at low cost.

CutePDFA no-cost alternative is to print the completed form using a PDF Printer.  You can use cutePDF as your printer.  This will save the printed file to your local computer as a PDF file.  You can then keep your expense sheets in your computer and not in a file folder on your desk.  You can reprint the form as many times as desired.

cutePDF  can be used as a printer in any program to create a PDF file of your documents created in MS Word, MS Excel or any other program.  Just select cutePDF as the printer.  Learn more and office suite software allows you to create PDF files from generated spreadsheets, presentations, and documents without use of any other software.  Both programs are open source, free software.  Learn more


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