Convention 2013 Delegate Packets

The Department has distributed its first electronic mailing of the 2013 State Convention Delegate Packet. It will not be snail-mailed. The packets were emailed to all post commanders, adjutants, and quartermasters.

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Long-Term Care Workshop in Fayetteville

The North Carolina Senior Citizens Association will sponsor an educational workshop on long-term care on Tuesday, January 29, at 10:00 am and 2:00 pm at the Holiday Inn Bordeaux in Fayetteville. The event is free and open to the public.

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National Commander Needs Your Help

As the month continues and our representatives continue to posture, the future of programs and services for our veterans stands as a target for cuts. Sequestration is a reality.  Take a minute of your time to listen to an urgent message from our National Commander in Chief, John Hamilton.

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Year End Message from VFW Commander-In-Chief John Hamilton

Click to watch video.

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USAF Heritage of America Band – NC Tour

The USAF Heritage of America Band is preparing a Veterans Day Concert Band tour through North Carolina from Nov 9-15, 2012. The tour program theme is “Of Military Service.” All are invited to attend a performance, as the band would love to have a great representation of veterans in their audiences!

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Council of Administration Minutes

If you missed our Fall Council of Administration meeting, you missed a great event and our final event in North Raleigh. The meeting minutes have been posted on our state website. View minutes on-line.
We are now moving the Council of Administration meetings to Greensboro and the elegant Embassy Suites Greensboro – Airport. This is an exciting opportunity for our spouses and family.

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Special Survey for Returning Vets with Disabilities

Veterans with military associated disabilities who served in Iraq or Afghanistan and who searched for accessible rental housing or lived in rental housing are invited to participate in a research study to bring awareness of their rental housing search and occupancy experiences.

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Patriotic Art Contest Winners at National Convention

The National Winners of Patriotic Art which were judged at the National VFW Convention in Reno are viewable here. The winners were judged 1st to 8th place.
First Place winner is an entry from South Carolina. North Carolina did not place. View artwork.

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Flying Squadron Reminder

Flying Squadron events are fast approaching. Check the dates for your area and download the latest schedule of events.

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State Raffle Winners Announced

The winners of the VFW Leader Newspaper Raffle were drawn on 16 June. The winners are

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