World War II

Helen Denton Remembered

The Veterans of Foreign Wars lost a piece of history recently. Helen Denton, member of Georgia Department’s VFW Post 3650. Her simple obituary follows, but there is more. She was one of many thousands of World War II women in uniform, but she found herself on a path to D-Day and duty in Europe.

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Here is a most unusual memorial in honor of those who served in World War II. Two guns from two battleships. One battleship saw the combat at the beginning of the war in Hawaii and the other served in Tokyo Bay as the surrender site. The guns are now a memorial in Arizona. Here is their story.

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Tin Can Navy

This is a Veterans Day salute to the Tin Can Navy and all who served aboard destroyers and destroyer escorts. The film is on the USS HANK (DD-702) and has footage of her at-sea refueling off the USS TARAWA (CV-40). These were the ships of the Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer that served our nation well. Totay’s destroyers are faster and more formidable than ever!

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6 Million Served at North Platte Canteen

In the middle of nowhere, in a small town along the railway, soldiers were met by local ladies expecting Nebraska boys on the troop train. They were carrying cookies and cakes to their boys, but they were not on the train. They gave their cookies to the westward bound soldiers and started a four year plus project to meet every train going through North Platte.

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Vietnam War History

If you served in Vietnam, have family that served, or are just interested in the war, there is a site that may be of interest to you. It is Records of War or Visitors will find interesting reading and historical items.

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