MOH Recipient Dead at 82

Cpl. Rodolfo Perez “Rudy” Hernandez fought on the battlefields of Korea and was awarded the the Congressional Medal of Honor. He was honored recently at the Fayetteville Veterans Day parade. He took ill soon thereafter and was found to have cancer. 82-year-old Rudy Hernandez died early Saturday at Womack Army Medical Center.

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Korea Remembered

The book Korea Reborn: A Grateful Nation Honors War Veterans for 60 Years of Growth will be available to Korean War Veterans or their family members as a free gift of gratitude from the Korean government. This is a hardbound, full-color, 160-page commemoration to honor these great Veterans for their service and sacrifice.

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Tin Can Navy

This is a Veterans Day salute to the Tin Can Navy and all who served aboard destroyers and destroyer escorts. The film is on the USS HANK (DD-702) and has footage of her at-sea refueling off the USS TARAWA (CV-40). These were the ships of the Allen M. Sumner-class destroyer that served our nation well. Totay’s destroyers are faster and more formidable than ever!

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Korean War Vets Sought for Recognition

Korean War veterans will be honored on Veterans Day weekend and 100 of the vets will be selected for a Private Invitation-Only Guided Tour of Fort Bragg with MASH Cast Members on board. This special event takes place on Sunday, November 10th, at noon and will last about two and a half hours.

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Vietnam War History

If you served in Vietnam, have family that served, or are just interested in the war, there is a site that may be of interest to you. It is Records of War or recordsofwar.com. Visitors will find interesting reading and historical items.

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