Jobs for Vets

Are you a veteran looking for work? Are you aware of a veteran who is searching? Why not take a look at the Job Bank page on our website? This page contains current jobs posted on the North Carolina Jobs Network.

Another new source of employment opportunities is Wal-Mart Stores. They have announced a major new initiative to hire 100,000 veterans. The program gets into full swing on Memorial Day.  Jobs will be available in their stores and distribution centers. Your military organizational and time management skills are in demand!  Learn more

Remember, in seeking employment post-deployment, look for opportunities for future growth.  Small businesses, expanding companies, and growth companies offer valuable training and experience to add to your resume.  All jobs offer an opportunity to show your employer that hiring a veteran is a smart move.  You offer skills that they can not find anywhere else.  Be proud, be strong, and be confident.

Here is a link to an extensive list of employers who are eager to hire veterans.  They know your worth.  See list

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