Compassion – When a Soldier Comes Home

With just one percent of our our men and women serving their country, the other 99% may have a hard time understanding what they have experienced. Isolation, terror, heat, sand, mines, rockets, “friendly fire,” and much more…7/24. They have experienced a lot and they served their country with honor.

Our veterans today have seen combat on repeated tours, yet they seem drawn to a return tour. Did you know that many amputees fight for the right to return to their units and finish their assignments?

Take a moment to share what they endure. Share this short video with your friends and neighbors. Just link to this page. Let them know that we need to keep our military service men and women in their prayers as we sit quietly and safely before our Christmas trees. We can do this, because they are over there keeping the fight an ocean away. We are safe because of them.

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